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Moderation in all things...

Postby RPJ » Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:02 am

The new forum program allows the administrator (me) to control just about every aspect of this forum. For the sake of convenience for all forum members, and so that you can see your posts immediately, I have disabled 'Moderation'. This means that posts appear as soon as you click the submit button, rather than waiting in a queue to be approved by me. As long a there are no illegal or offensive messages this is how it will stay.

'Offensive' is a subjective notion, what is offensive to one person may be quite acceptable to another. So for the sake of clarity please think in terms of not saying things on the forum you would not like said to you. I could bang on about this but will leave it to your good sense - after all you are Gutbrod enthusiasts, so you obviously have great taste, a convivial manner and impeccable judgement - and I can remove posts and users at the drop of a topper.


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