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How to include Pictures in Posts

Postby RPJ » Thu Mar 07, 2013 9:49 pm

It is possible to include a picture in a post.

When you are writing a new post, you can add picture to posts easily if you can see the Upload Attachment tab below the window you are typing in. It looks like this:
Upload File tab phpBB.png
Upload File tab phpBB.png (20.49 KiB) Viewed 2300 times

If you cannot see this tab (I have no idea why you cannot, but some people can't...) follow these instructions:


The code to insert this image looks like this:
[img ][ /img]

The process is a little tedious, but once it is set up it works well enough. The trouble is that the picture cannot be on your computer, it must already be 'out there on the web'. The forum software can then just point to it and the picture will display in the forum. The reason for this is to save space and bandwidth for the good people who give away the forum software - they do not want their servers clogged up with pictures of cute kittens and rusting tractors.

This means you have to have somewhere 'out there on the web' to put your picture so that the forum software can find it and display it. Fortunately a simple solution is to use Dropbox (there are many other similar services but I will stick with Dropbox for now). When you open an account with Dropbox they give you 2GB of storage free (you can use it to store any sort of file so you are winning already).

Start here by opening a free Dropbox account: Link to Dropbox

You can also install a copy of Dropbox on your computer and allow it to synchronise with your Dropbox on the web. It looks and feels just like a regular folder. This means you can drag and drop a picture from wherever it is on your computer hard disc to your Dropbox folder on your hard disc. It will then be copied to your Dropbox on the web. This is where you want it, this is where the forum software can find it and display it in your post.

When you open your Dropbox account (either on the computer or on the web) you will see it already contains a folder called 'Public'. This is the folder you should put your pictures in. What you need is the 'public link' which is the address of this picture in its Dropbox folder on the web.

Fortunately, Dropbox make this easy and it works the same way on PCs and Macs.

If you are looking at the copy of Dropbox on your computer:

1. Open the Public folder, find the picture and right-click it - a menu will drop down.
2. Select the 'Dropbox' item from the drop down menu and 'Copy public link' from the sub-menu. The 'link' will then be on your 'clipboard'. That means you can 'paste' into any text you are typing.

(Move to 4. below)

If you are looking at your Dropbox on the Internet:

1. Open the Public folder and find your picture.
2. Click anywhere on the file line except on the file name (this will just open the file and you ill have to click the 'back' arrow to go back to the file listing) The line will be highlighted in blue.
2. At the top of the page you will see a link named Copy Public Link, click on this link and the link-text will open in a window
3. Click on the Copy to Clipboard button. The 'link' will then be on your 'clipboard'. That means you can 'paste' into any text you are typing.

4. Paste it into your post where you want the image to appear
5. Highlight the link and click on the IMG button. This will add the opening and closing tags to each end of the link.

And that is all… Your picture will not appear until you submit your post and look at it on the forum.

Hope that does not put you off, if you think I have missed anything let me know...

Start here by opening a free Dropbox account: Link to Dropbox


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