Forum back online 14 Sep 2014

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Forum back online 14 Sep 2014

Postby RPJ » Sat Sep 13, 2014 2:37 pm

Hello All,

Due to a technical problem that is too tedious to go into right now, the forum suffered a catastrophic failure at the beginning of September. It was not possible to use any of the backups stored on the system, but we had a backup saved offline from Dec 2013. This is far from perfect and means we have lost quite a bit of information, but the forum structure is intact and it is better than nothing. Apologies to all, but despite our best efforts, and those of our hosting company, this is the best we could do. For the record, monthly backups will now be stored locally.

You might take this as a timely reminder to backup your own systems :-)

The rest of the site is unaffected, so that's something...


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