Hydraulics and PTO adapter

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Hydraulics and PTO adapter

Postby jamespalm » Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:28 pm

Hello all,
I have found a ram to fit the rear forks https://www.flowfitonline.com/hydraulic ... 5mm-200015 This only required minor grinding to fit and was not (very) expensive.
I need what I believe is called a 'spool valve'. Does anyone have any suggestions as to cheap ones that work? The ram is double acting so I need to direct the flow of oil to either end of the ram.
On the other matter, I gather that some members have made or found a rear PTO adapter. If anyone has, can they contact me with details please? I am keen to use it to run a topper, a chipper and possibly my log splitter.
Look forward to any replies.
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