Gutbrod 2600D for sale in good working order - Staffordshire

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Gutbrod 2600D for sale in good working order - Staffordshire

Postby AndyParker74 » Sat Nov 15, 2014 4:36 pm

My 2600D is for sale if there's a sensible offer out there. It has a great engine (Kubota Z851) and all of the running gear appears to be fine. It whines a bit from the rear axle but I'm not sure if this is just how they are. I have stripped and rebuilt the rear brakes and replaced both of the front tyres since the photos were taken. The only really obvious fault is that it doesn't charge and the alternator light remains on at all times. It has the hi/lo range box and four forward gears, diff lock, 3 ptos, front and rear hydraulics but I have no tools so haven't tested these. It has the full cab and doors (although these aren't fitted at the moment) with all glass intact. I think at some point in its life it was in use in Germany, either as a domestic tractor or on a British forces base as there is evidence of green paint underneath the blue and there's a service sticker from a German garage. It has completed around 3600 hours from new which is just about enought time to run one of these engines in!

I'm not looking for a profit and would rather see it go to a good home so any sensible offer would be considered. I'm based in Staffordshire, only a couple of miles from Alton Towers.
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