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A place to show pictures of your tractor, tools, accessories and for others to ask "What it is?" "How did you do it?" "Where do you get it?" "How much was it?" or simply to admire your labour. Please continue to send photos to the Gallery.

New Photo Forum

Postby RPJ » Sun Mar 24, 2013 8:54 am

Hello all.

GAV694 suggested a forum thread for commenting on other members projects. So, here is a forum for pictures. If you want other forum members to see your tractors, tools or accessories, or anything else legal, and contact you about them (either to congratulate you, ask what it is, where you got it, how you did it, how much it cost or anything else) they can be posted on the Gallery forum thread.

When you are writing a new post, you can add picture to posts easily if you can see the Upload Attachment tab below the window you are typing in. It looks like this:
Upload File tab phpBB.png
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If you do not see this tab you can still add pictures... see this topic: How to include pictures in posts

Hope to see your photos here soon...

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1031 just purchased-with mower deck.

Postby AndyStretton » Sun Dec 07, 2014 8:26 pm

1031 i have just purchased with some spares,plus a mower deck,the tractor runs nicely,just needs some tlc.
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